#dailypieces / shapes / paintings ++

Posted by on Dec 31, 2018 in Drawing, Performance
#dailypieces / shapes / paintings ++

Thanks to everyone who has been part of the journey #dailypieces 2018.

I am pleased to announce that the project will be exhibited at einBuch with the opening taking place on February 22nd, 2019.

The pieces will be divided into time/location ‘clusters’ representing the length of time spent in one place as I traveled quite a bit. The exhibition will also contain some other materials related to the project. Additionally there will be a short performance where I will assemble a sculpture consisting of the pieces from the last week of 2018.

The dailyart project continues in 2019. The numbering will continue but on two different ‘channels’:


– Each day a unique shape will be drawn in a notebook.

– The resulting shapes will be used to cut wooden pieces that will be used to make painted dailypieces in 2020.

– As with 2018 the pieces will have notches in them so they can be fitted together into weekly/monthly summary sculptures.

Originally when I was planning 2018 I really wanted to have unique shapes for every day. Not having a method of cutting each piece on a daily basis, I fell back on creating a generic piece for every day. This new approach adds an interesting dimension in that one year folds over into the next.


– Two sets of paint on paper consisting of a hand torn circle and square for each day.

– Two background colours will be used throughout.

– A flip of a coin will decide which colour is used on which shape so as to randomly alternate between the two.

– 10 foreground colours will be used throughout the year.

– The 10 colours are divided into two sets: bright and dark.

– Two colours will be rolled for Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday and Monday and will be used on these days throughout the year.

– Dice will be rolled for the foreground colours of Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The end result will be two ‘paintings’ created throughout the year.

Other relevant projects from 2018


In the past few months I have been creating ‘CryptoArt’. What is ‘CryptoArt’? One of its champions is an artist and writer by the name of Jason Bailey who has written a blog article that answers that question. https://www.artnome.com/news/2018/1/14/what-is-cryptoart

There are two reasons I am really enjoying CryptoArt:

– It is a relatively small ‘scene’ that lives online so it has engendered a kind of community of like minded individuals who encourage each other and sometimes collaborate.

– I have a lot of work that is created digitally. Normally they are posted to a social media platform and don’t ‘live’ anywhere beyond that. By associating the works with a unique digital edition gives the work a permanent home. And in some cases the work is sold or I can trade or gift the work with other crypto art enthusiasts.

Thus far my work is available via the following sites:




Each account has works that are unique so be sure to look through all of them.

Another interesting CryptoArt related project is dada.nyc. An artist paints the work directly in the web browser and the work is registered on the blockchain. For me the real appeal of dada.nyc is for artists to have visual conversations. A topic is chosen by the site moderators and a sequence of drawings are made by artists who choose to join in the conversation. The results are wonderful.


First mural painted in the beginning of 2018 at a beach house in the south of Brazil. Three more murals are planned for this year.


Jasmine Guffond

My ongoing collaboration with Jasmine Guffond yielded a series of performances this year, the most significant of them taking place at the contemporary arts center in Cordoba, Spain. This particular performance resulted in some documentation.




A live drawing performance together with this Jazz band performed at The Kühlspot in Berlin with a special installation.
Individual screens were situated above each musician, allowing me to alternate between expressing what each musician was doing or the group as a whole.

All in all it was very active year. There are numerous other smaller projects that I left out. Somewhat interestingly the photo that was at the top 9 of ‘liked’ photos from my instagram account partially included a small commission I did for some friends at the beginning of the year, but it’s likely that the furry creatures are the real reason for its popularity.

Wishing you all the best in the coming new year!