Posted by on Feb 17, 2016 in Installation

In January I received an invitation to present counter.repetition at Save Festival in Moscow. I am very excited to have the opportunity, not so much as to present it to an audience, but more to be able to have more time to refine my ideas with the piece, given that the first version was done rather hastily in the span of one week in that I had created it as part of a residency at Atelier Nord in Oslo, Norway.

As I recall, most of the work was taken up by creating the installation and I had very little time prior to work out the content. It is actually somewhat surprising how I was able to achieve what I did with so little time at my disposal.

The physical part of the installation will remain the same, but for the content I began sketching ideas on paper in my usual way of drawing boxes and filling them with various ideas that I think will work. I also gave myself a chance to reflect more about what I am actually trying to express with the work, and conceived of creating an ongoing tension between two basic forms: the circle and the square. I don’t see them as a representation of a conflict between harmony and chaos, but more as two different interpretations of order, with chaos (time) pushing them into various states of harmony and discord with one another.

There is an ongoing debate in my head about sound. I composed the sound for the first installation, and I am doing so again with this version. I can’t actually recall what approach I took with this. Had I made the animation first and then set the sounds afterwards? I probably cannot remember properly due to how awkward it must have been. This time I am starting with animation, but setting the key frames arbitrarily. Then I will adjust them for the sounds I want to use. I am quite eager to get the animations under way, but I am also trying not to be too forceful with them. The current approach is to make as many possible variations and then edit them down.

From a timing point of view I am aiming for a smoother composition, given that I felt that with the first installation there were sort of starts and stops. I am not looking to pound through, just allow for feeling each moment fully.