Sometime in the early 00’s or maybe even before then, I took up the habit of drawing my own contact cards. I would make a drawing and then write my email address on the back. It was rewarding to be able to give someone something special instead of a printed card that was mass produced. I would usually draw a bunch of them when I had some time to do so, and would very often run out of them. The following are a group made with two colors.

Around 2014 I decided that the solution to running out of card would be to draw one card every day. Somehow I also decided that it would be interesting to post the cards on the wall in the bedroom for an entire year. Unfortunately this meant that for the entire year of 2015 I would probably not have any cards to give out. But that is another story. Here is an image of the entire collection of 2015.

I had not applied any rules to the work. I used a variety of different colors for each card. The artworks themselves converged from the line drawing meditation to forms. Some were abstract but only by slight incidence. If I saw a face forming I would encourage it.

Almost each card was individually posted to my social media feeds. If I missed some days I would catch up with a photo of several cards.

Here they are in early 2016 after having removed them from the bedroom wall.

Later in the year I organized an exhibition with all of the cards.

In 2016 the project continued but with some changes. Cards would be posted to my social media feeds 7 at a time correlating to the beginning with Friday and ending on Thursday. Each week would be limited to a set of colors that I would choose at the start of each set. The following is of week 40 with light yellow, dark green, black and pink as a background.

More so than with the first year, I felt that I had found a better balance between color and line. Here is an image of the entire year of 2015 take on the first day

The project continues in 2017. I have made some more changes and wrote about them in a couple of posts on my blog.